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Large numbers disposable vape are discarded, and the UK wastes about 10 tons of lithium every year

According to a report by Sky News on the 15th local time, an investigation jointly conducted by its Bureau of Investigative Journalism (Bureau of Investigative Journalism) found that Britons discard about two disposable e-cigarettes every second. About 10 tons of lithium, enough to make 1,200 electric car batteries, are thrown away every year in single-use e-cigarettes, but are sent to landfills or waste incinerators without recycling.
Under UK law, these products are classified as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and producers or importers listed as such have a certain responsibility to ensure they are recycled. But the survey found that some producers of disposable e-cigarettes did not meet their recycling obligations. British authorities say they will do something about it.
According to a study, around 500 million items of electronics in UK households are simply hoarded at home or sent to landfill after being discarded. Among the valuable metals are copper, gold and lithium, which can generate about 370 million pounds (about 2.96 billion yuan) in value to the British economy every year.